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  Barrobics is a specialized, trademarked fitness class of the KMAI Better U Fitness program. Barrobics is a women only fitness program that incorporates several exercise methods.
 The benefits of Barrobics:
Barrobics is designed to Firm and elongate muscles, define the seat and hamstrings, Sculpt the chest, arms and legs, create strong flat abdominal muscles, reduces body fat, improves posture, tones and defines your body.
  The Class:
  The hour long class is designed with the barre method in mind, but also includes aspects of pilates, extended core work and isometric cardio to help cross train.
 Barrobics targets both the large and small postural muscle groups by using tiny movements to fatigue those muscles. These strengthening exercises, combined with flex work & core work make for an awesome workout. Barrobics primarliy uses ones body weight for resistance, and the moves challenge your core and balance. Barrobics is non-impact on the joints and burns the maximum amount of calories.
Who can do Barrobics?
Anyone can do Barrobics- this class is great for all body types, body sizes or fitness levels. The barre provides in stabilization for the thigh & seat work, to ensure you have proper form. The mat provides cushion while we do floor work and everything can be modified for for each individual.
Classes consist of a light warm up, light hand weights, moving on to the barre (no dance experience required), then on to the floor for core work and stretching & flexibility and cool down; before ones know it the class has ended.