stretching and strengthening system

Traditional Tae Kwon Do

At the KMAI we are a traditional martial arts school of self defense, Unlike other sport or competition schools, we strive to develop one's character. We are not interested in creating world champions, we create students who are champions in their own worlds. We at the KMAI have the philosophy of using the path of the martial arts to strengthen the mind, body, and spirit. We reinforce character development and values that schools, parents and churches strive to role model: common courtesy, integrity, perseverance, teamwork, self-confidence, community service, and respect for authority. Our students train to take leadership of their own lives and take ownership of their actions. We measure success in the individuals improvement within themselves, not just by rank but how the persons life has improved. 

Partners not Opponents

  At the KMAI our goal is to work together as partners, not opponents. It is one of our core principals at the school. Working together helps us all get better. This attitude helps us teach self control, trust, and respect for others. We believe that working as "Opponents" is dangerous and teaches the agressive attitude that "only the strong survive". The classes start out basic and progress as your skill level increases. Martial arts is not just for kids depending on your wants and needs there are classes for you. Many people involve the entire family; this may be a way to strengthen some relationships. 

Traditional and Modern

 Our school holds true to the traditional style of Tae Kwon Do. Our workouts are technique based, that have been proven throughout history, but also using the knowledge gained in current physical fitness methods. We believe that your body, mind and spirit need to be healthy and strong. The key to our school success is keeping tradional techniques that have been handed down for thousands of years and bringing in modern knowledge gained in the current physical fitness methods that are safe.

Scientific Studies

According to the Wisconsin Medical Journal article by Thomas W. Woodward MD. Research demonstrates that martial arts do not attract violent individuals or promote violence. People who have join martial arts have a reduced levels of aggression & hostility and this continues the longer they train.

People also see an increase in self-confidence, more independent, self reliance, concentration, and less stress. Stamina improves, flexibility increases, balance improves, over all strength improves, dynamic energy improves, peripheral vision improves, and understanding of the mechanics & techniques of the body movement also improves.